How You Can Use A White Board To Improve Mood and Motivation

Oh the things you can do!

There are few tools that have the versatility and ease of use as a white board. Your brain might automatically jump to boring, unbearable office meetings, but do not fret! White boards can be used in a variety of fun, productive ways. Many of these uses can help to improve mood, motivation and even manage anxiety.

Let’s discuss a few ways to squeeze the value out of a good white board.

Example of a vision board
  1. Inspirational quote of the week – You can choose a different motivational quote every week and write it on your board. I would suggest keeping it in your room as it will be something you see every morning when you wake up. You can draw and add decorations around your quote for fun as well!
  2. Vision Board – A vision board is a collage of visual images that represent your goals and what you want your life to be like. You can use any kind of board for this but I like white boards since you can draw and write things about the pictures to add extra details or reminders as to why those goals are important to you. This can be an ongoing project so it makes a nice little side hobby.
  3. Daily Tasks Board – If you’re prone to anxiety or procrastination, you can use your white board as a daily tasks board. You would simply make a list of the tasks you have to complete for the day. You can do it in schedule format (with specific times assigned) or in order of priority, from highest to lowest. It’s up to you, each person is different! Make sure to cross off or erase each task once it has been completed to give yourself that small positive reinforcement, it will be helpful to maintain your motivation. You can even give yourself a small reward at the end of the day for completing everything!
  4. Finance Charting – This option is for those who want to motivate themselves with their financial goals. You can use the board to record your progress paying down debt, your savings or tracking your net worth. You can set monthly saving goals and draw charts to monitor your progress and increase your motivation to manage your finances how you want to. Finances can play a huge role in your overall mental health so don’t sleep on this one!

There are a ton of other ways to use the magical white board but there’s just not enough space to discuss it all. I would like to talk about some of these methods in more detail and I might do just that in the future. If you’re looking to start getting creative yourself or want to try it out with your clients, check out the highly reviewed white boards available in the links below!

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