The Saturday Therapist And The Slow Streaky Summer

Summer therapy can often mean less therapy

I’m currently at the office and the sun is intense, blanketing the walls. It’s a Saturday, a summer Saturday. The temperature is rising and the school year is coming to an end. My schedule for today is a bit streaky, a few more gaps than I would like. I have some housecleaning stuff to do but still, few people like a slow day.

While many people look forward to the summer fun, therapists often find themselves dreading the season. If you work as a therapist or counselor then you already know why, the season can be painfully slow. It’s the beginning of summer camp, summer school, summer vacations and everything else summer. It often feels as if nobody has time to see you and this feeling is supported by your cancellation filled schedule.

I’m California dreaming on a slowish Saturday morning

For therapists who work on Saturdays, like myself, this effect can hit even harder. The client’s that are still around tend to make plans on the weekends and this leads to even more no shows and cancellations. It can be outright frustrating as you wallow in your office and stare into the empty abyss that is your wallet.

In the near future I will tackle this issue and discuss productive things that can be done to fill the time and to maintain your sanity throughout the season. I have a few ideas but for now I am going to leave the floor open for conversation. Is this something you experience and how do you battle the summer blues? Let me know down below.

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