Mindful Exiting – Leave It All Behind You

A unique mindfulness practice to check anxiety at the door

Imagine you leave your house in the morning with an empty bag slung on your back. Now imagine that you pick up an apple sized rock every time you go through a door and place that rock in your bag. How many rocks would you have by the end of the day? How much does your back hurt at that point? I’m going to guess A LOT.

Now imagine that your mind is the bag. Throughout the day you fill up your mind with thoughts, plans, worries and concerns. Your brain can start to feel heavy fairly quickly. That is why mindfulness is an essential tool for getting a handle on your anxiety. It is important to take those rocks out of the bag throughout the day so you don’t become bogged down by them. I have a simple technique for this and literally anyone can do it. I call it Mindful Exiting (trademark pending of course).

Mindful exiting consists of being mindful of your thoughts every time you pass from one room to the next. Whenever you see a door or a passage way you do the following:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Examine your current thinking
  3. Remind yourself to leave all worries and concerns in the place you are leaving. Visualize this if possible.
  4. One more deep breath
  5. Exit

Simple right? Yes and no. I still struggle with doing this every time I can but it can definitely be effective when practiced! So what do you think, could this be a helpful tool to tackle that pesky anxiety that builds up during the day? Let me know down below.

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