Let’s Introduce Ourselves

Who am I and why am I here? These questions tend to induce a great amount of existential anxiety at the core of a person and there is no doubt in my mind that you have thought about it before. Before we go down that road, let us take the road traveled more often and keep it simple. I am Daniel Badillo, a licensed mental health counselor and I practice in New York state. I work at a group practice doing both individual and family counseling. A simple introduction.

Daniel Badillo, LMHC

Why am I here? Well, hopefully to make an impact I suppose. Why did I start this blog? Mainly to provide a platform for myself, fellow therapists and clients in therapy. I wanted to build a place where myself and others could share what they have found to be effective in therapy and a place to also discuss failures. Tips, strategies and insights will all be shared, not to mention the occasional hilarious therapist to client interactions that occur, and trust me they do happen! *We will keep it confidential of course.

I work with clients of all ages and I must say that children are probably some of the funniest little creatures out there. There will be plenty of fun stories involving them as well as stories of deep sadness and despair. Do not be alarmed! There will also be plenty of stories of triumph and overcoming the odds. As any therapist can tell you, not everything goes according to plan but pleasant surprises and outcomes do happen.

So welcome. Please feel free to share any heartfelt and amazing moments you have had as a counselor or therapist. Share the sad ones, the funny ones and the strangest of strange. I will do the same and will provide tools and tips along the way. If there is a specific topic you would like to discuss in the future just comment below. Thanks for being here, the floor is yours.

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